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Prep, Shop & Pack Lists

Developed By Chefs, For Chefs

We created PrepLister when we realized that list making was taking up WAY too much time in our catering operation.

It used to be a major time-waster....

Get Your Time Back!
Never Write the Same List Twice
Minimize Shop, Prep & Load Mistakes
Avoids extra shopping trips
Save 100's of hours of Desk-Time
Centralize Event Information
Relieve Others Employees of List writing
Access all your lists anywhere in the world

How PrepLister Works

PrepLister works by automatically assigning your menu items components into 3 essential catering operations list ...Shop, Prep, Pack Lists.
Event Menu
Shop List
Prep List
Pack List
Who we are

PrepLister was built for Chefs, by Chefs.


We are restaurant & catering consulting Chefs specializing in menu engineering, food production software and facilities design for the food & beverage industry.

PrepLister was built for use in helping to organize restaurant & catering operations for our consulting companies clients.

We want to hear from you about your needs in

operation automation.

Need a specific function built in?  We do that! 


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