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Living in cities like Miami Beach, New York City, Boston and Houston while working in an array of different professional kitchens helped to shape my appreciation for important classic techniques.  

Working for notable chefs, such as Norman Van Aken and Jonathan Mortimer;  both James  Beard Award winners made me understand the importance of Organization.

Building flavor and using texture & temperature, letting fresh & natural ingredients speak for themselves is important.  But, great food and incredible dishes come from Balance.  Balance is the key to great cuisine.


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World Class Cuisine in Your Home

5 Courses $130 all inclusive

Includes all Dishes, 5 Courses Food, Table Service by the Chef, Silverware, Labor, Clean-Up

Personal Dinner Menus

Healthy Balanced
Regular Weeknight

Seated Dinner

6 Course Seated Dinner

w/ Ultra Premium Wines


Driven To Serve

Serving a family with the highest standard takes integrity, discretion, urgency, patience,

and hustle.  Serving a family well takes a certain amount of real world savvy,

street smarts and a life well lived with rich personal life experiences. 

Lastly, a great house manager or Private Chef has to have a personal style that translates

directly into those extraordinary touches that create the ageless style and comfortable

elegant feeling that only a detailed and well managed estate can have.

I hold these qualities as the road-map to my success and continue to learn new qualities

that help me to serve at the highest standard of care for the families I work for.

I am driven to serve.  As the Ritz Carlton Company moto says

"we are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen". 

Privacy  -  Security  -  World Class Cuisine & Service For Your Estate.

I Am At Your Service

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